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A world premiere in the field of ECO-TECH

is the smart online event dedicated to the global greentech community. It is a 2 day industry show where companies, organizations, associations, institutions, experts and media from all over the world gather to perform business, exchange ideas and application expertise, meet, debate and make long-term business relationships on a real time web platform - easy and cost-saving to join.

All this from your desk with just a computer and a browser!

Why exhibit?

As a provider of green technologies and know-how to enhance sustainability, your business is now global demand. But how do you enter into dialogue with new industrial customers from around the world?

offers you a global solution

1. Explore new markets

Explore new markets in the quickest and most cost-effective way

2. Realtime dialogue

Benefit from personal dialogue in realtime

3. Contact exchange

Easily collect and save conversations, business cards, promotional materials

4. Create new leads

Generate sales leads, launch new products, build your brand image and maintain customer relations

5. Easy and cost effective

No transportation, no travel, no trouble - just business

6. Environmentally - friendly

No harm to the environment

7. Attend webinars

Attend field-related webinars and conferences and meet people with your same interests

8. Promote your business

Use our editorial services to promote your business in our multilingual blog

9. Be innovative

Demonstrate your pioneering spirit - when this show premieres on a virtual platform

Don't lose time-to-market! Book your space at now!

Greenr.biz for business development agencies, cluster managers

Ensure your country's or region's branding packs a punch, by bringing your greenest and brightest minds to the international market. Greenr.biz gives you the exclusive opportunity to join and sponsor the event - with a conference of your own - and to prepare for actual match-making and actual trade fairs abroad.

Greenr.biz for industry parks, locations

Demonstrate how green businesses can grow in your industry park and let startups know how to benefit from your green infrastructure